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At Homewise, We Speak "House"!

Construstion of a Home

One of the most important purchases of your life will be your new home. In today’s competitive market how can you be sure you have made a wise choice? There are so many homes on the market to choose from and all of them have a story to tell. Don’t you just wish you could hear them speak to you? At homewise, WE SPEAK HOUSE! Click here to see what our customers say about us.


Since 2004 Homewise has been in the business of interpreting ‘house speak” for our customers full time. We examine your new home thoroughly from shingles on the roof all the way down to the basement floor and provide you with an easy to read, narrative style report detailing all of the issues or potential issues that could affect your decision to purchase. Click here to see more about our inspection services.


**HOMEWISE is a fully certified residential inspection company and a proud member of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors). We are also certified by ESA (Environmental Solutions Associates) as Mold and Indoor Air Quality professionals.

**HOMEWISE is registered with the State of Michigan as a professional inspection company.



The Inspection

HOMEWISE will inspect all the major components of your new home. We inspect for correct operation, health and safety concerns, life expectancy, wear and tear or construction concerns. We also address common sense items like door closers, and window screens, drippy faucets etc. PLUS we locate those nagging little things that seem to come out of nowhere about 90 days after you move in. Simply put, HOMEWISE will provide you one of the most rigorous, full coverage home inspections found anywhere. Click here for our listing of inspected items

HOMEWISE is a key carrying member of both the Battle Creek Area Association of Realtors and the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors. Those memberships allow us hassle free entry into your prospective home on a schedule that meets your needs.


(Yes, we have that)

When the time to purchase grows near, many people "shop” for a home inspector. While shopping for qualifications and service is fine, hiring a home inspector based on his prices alone is never a good idea. Home inspection is very much a "you get what you pay for” type of business. Cheaper is seldom better. Consider this: if you are buying a new home that will cost you just $100,000, the cost of your home and pest inspections from HOMEWISE is about 3/10’s of 1% of your new homes cost.


Radon testing
(The "Silent Killer”)

HOMEWISE can also provide you with a quick and easy Radon gas test to assure that the home does not exceed the EPA recommended safe radon levels. Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer in America with annual radon caused deaths numbering 20,000 (EPA Statistic). If the radon levels in your home are found to be high, mitigation of the radon gas is common and can be less expensive than you think. Radon gas is present everywhere in the US and every home should be tested!  Note: radon tests require 48 hours of exposure in the home and may not be delivered the day of the inspection. See a radon map of Michigan


Pest inspection

You may choose, or your finance company may require inspection for Wood Destroying Insects (pest). HOMEWISE can easily provide a WDI inspection for you at the time of your home inspection. If you are using FHA, Rural Development or VA financing, their WDI reporting forms will be delivered along with your home inspection report the day of inspection.


Mold testing
(The hidden hazard)

With the advent of super insulated homes or older homes which have been closed or "winterized” for a period of time (foreclosures, HUD, REO’S), the  problem of mold growth has risen dramatically within the real estate market inventory. Homewise can provide a professional, EPA approved Air Quality test in your new home before you purchase. Elevated levels of Mold are often found in the air of homes where there are no visible indications of mold growth.  See more on Mold



Homewise inspection reports are delivered "on-line” the day of the inspection. All reports contain color photos and helpful hints for maintaining your new home as well as links to informative websites regarding hazards or repairs where needed. Click here to view an actual report


The final word

In the fast paced real estate market we have today it is sometimes difficult to remember who is in charge of your real estate transaction. Is it the Bank or finance company?  Is it the seller? Is it the listing agent . . . or your buyers agent? Is it the insurance company? The answer is that it is none of these. It is YOU!  At HOMEWISE we never forget who is in charge of your purchase. We work for you, in your best interest, in every way we can.

Your wise investment in a home inspection may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the closing table.

Getting a Home Inspection is a wise investment

Getting a Home Inspection is a wise investment


When it comes to making the largest most personal investment you may ever make, be wise. Choose the fastest growing, most reliable inspection service in the southwest Michigan area, choose HOMEWISE.

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